PPG Trivex - Eyewear Photo Shoot -
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PPG Trivex – Eyewear Photo Shoot

I’m finally cleared to show some work from a shoot we produced last fall.  My client at Gatesman+Dave came to me to produce a set of images to be used in new collateral and design work for PPG Trivex.  We were to photograph several talent in my studio utilizing wardrobe and angles that would work for composting the final product.  In addition, well lit shots of the eyewear products were needed for the layout and for composting onto the faces of several images derived from stock.  Shooting for later composite requires a great deal of pre-visualization, and both the lighting and angles need to be planned for while creating the images.  The Creative Director on the project was Matthew Axeman and he had the background plates already chosen.  We used the existing lighting in those scenes to match our studio lighting on the talent.  For the image of the woman on the beach looking out to the ocean we placed a hard directional light behind the model to mimic the setting sun and it’s wrap around effect.  Several other softboxes of varying sizes were then use to create the dramatic light across her face, and one gigantic parabolic reflector was used on very low power filling our shadows to desired density.

Final layout and creation of the swirly vortex bubbles in Cinema 4D was done by Creative Director Matthew Axeman.

Below are two of the layouts completed and ready to go to print.

Final layout for PPG Trivex design work


Final layout for PPG Trivex design work