Arizona Landscape Photography - Salt River
I am a Pittsburgh based stills photographer and director of photography specializing in commercial lifestyle content. Much of my work has centered around the energy, agriculture, healthcare, and higher education sectors. I have been shooting ad campaigns, both big and small, since 2007 and take pride in being a joy to work with while delivering exceptional service and end results to my clients.
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Arizona Landscape Photography – Salt River

The Salt River is formed by the confluence of the White River and the Black River in the White Mountains of eastern Gila County, Arizona. Its course flows through multiple reservoirs, dams, and canyons before winding it’s way into the Phoenix metro area. One of the last majestic locations on it’s journey is Saguaro Lake. It’s here that the Salt River exits the Tonto National Forest and it’s rugged highlands.

We spent the day out in this area in search of wild horses which are known to inhabit and roam the countryside. After some hiking along the river and finding a pretty awesome camping spot we were getting discouraged at not finding any horses. Getting back in the car we planned to drive up to shoot the sunset on the bluffs near Saguaro Lake. A little ways down the road we spotted them… a herd of 6 wild horses coming across the desert. I promptly pulled the car over and grabbing my camera cautiously ran out to see how close they’d let me get.

There seemed to be an understanding between myself and the horses as they allowed me to create a few photographs before slipping off once again into the cover of Ironwood trees and Creosote bushes.  Below are a few selects from the day… we did make it in time for that sunset.

arizona landscape photography, phoenix landscape photography, photos of wild horses in arizona

Wild Horses, Arizona 2015

arizona landscape photography, phoenix landscape photography, photos of wild horses in arizona

Bluffs, Salt River 2015

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